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The Daily Task Summary

A quick view of what your day holds.
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JustinApr 6, 2021·1 min read

A screenshot of a daily task summary email, which will adorn your inbox from time to time.

Why did you create this?

For improved productivity, it makes sense to start each day being more proactive— filling your mind with the items you wanted to think about— not with the noise of the outside world.

Each day, Tyto sends out a summary of all tasks scheduled for the day, as well as any tasks that are due, overdue, unread and assigned from yesterday (and any other things we think might be useful). It looks something like this:

The subject line changes to give you an idea of what's inside, to give you a quick summary of your day, but also to spare you from having to open it unnecessarily.

What do I need to do with this mail?

Once you've glanced through this, you can safely delete it.

If you want to make changes to one of the tasks in this mail, simply click on the task title.

How often does it arrive? Can I turn it off?

You will definitely receive it on days when you have tasks scheduled, but may also receive it on other days. If this email is not opened regularly, Tyto will send it less often. You can also choose to fly by the seat of your pants and turn it off altogether.