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Getting Started

Here's how to get started.
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JustinApr 6, 2021·1 min read

A scary image of a person jumping into a LOT of water

Just in case you're not sure of where to start, we have a few suggestions.

Single player mode

Tyto has been built from the ground up to be fun. So, why not start by running your own day with Tyto— then, if you like what you see, you can invite a few of teammates.

Multiplayer mode

Invite your team to Tyto here. We don't charge per user, so invite your whole team.

Run your next meeting with Tyto

[ Boring work adjectives follow ] There's no sense in taking minutes on a piece of paper, then extracting objectives to a spreadsheet, then pasting a reduced version of those objectives into and email action points, then adding a litany of participants to your 3,000 word email and BCCing Brian in HR.

Stop, breathe.

Why not run your next meeting in real-time using Tyto's outline mode. Or, if you like the symmetry of rectangles within rectangles, you can try board mode.

Tyto. Saving unnecessary emails since today.

Free training

You could stare at a blank project all day, wondering how to structure things. Or, you could arrange a free demo with one of our team. Your decision, really.

Get Tyto for mobile

Fit your office into your pocket using Tyto for mobile. Head to

Get Tyto for Gmail

Add Tyto for Gmail aka the Gmail Wonderbar: here — to turn emails into tasks and to get on top of your inbox.